Disseminating Love


From 1658 to 1660, by the decree of Hakob Jughayetsi, Catolicos of All Armenians, Matheus Tsarents founded the Holy Etchmiadzin and St. Sargis Publishing Houses in Amsterdam. Soon after, in 1664, the leadership of the publishing house is transferred Voskan Yerevantsi.

The first Armenian Bible was published in 1666 with his efforts. The book was originall used in 1295. Biblical copy of Hetum King of Cilicia. This text was edited by Voskhan Yerevantsi from the Latin translation of Vulgata. The Voskanian Bible publication is considered one of the best examples of historic Armenian printing.

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78 x 37 in (200 x 95 cm)


100% Polyester


Dry clean only


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